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Unlocking the Power of Creative Visualisation  to bring about real change in your life.  

Dates: 15 - 22 April 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:40 For Day 1 and Day 7

Venue: Live On Zoom

Hi Gorgeous, Thank you for following your heart.

Now, Lets manifest together and Unleash those goals and dreams!
To learn how to successfully manifest love, money and abundance starts with knowing how to create a Powerful Vision Board - that works!
On this course together we'll create a Law of Attraction Vision Board that manifests your goals and dreams.
  1. A Creative Visualisation Book written by yours truly.
  2. A detailed 12 months year planning booklet.                                                            
  3. A guided Visualisation Meditation.                                                                              
  4. Breaking down the laws of Creative Visualisation with daily video updates.
  5. Breaking down each section of your vision board to spiritual life, Love life, Finances, Career,etc.
  6. Daily Qigong 
  7. and Finally a guided Creative Visualisation meditation.                                                                                                         
Let's invoke powerful vortex of energy that forms and shifts the energy in your life; entirely together!

Learn 3 important steps on how to manifest your Visions or Goals…



The significance of your E-MOTIONS; FREQUENCY and being One with you vision.

Your goal is on a pedestal and is important. Anytime we make something very Important we vibrationally put it out of reach. 

The key here is relating to your vision as being part of WHO YOU ARE. 

When you see it as NATURAL for you to achieve your'll manifest easier than you can imagine.



You're too SERIOUS about the process. Have FUN.


The more serous you are, the more solid and heavy things feel. when you focus on enjoying the moment and having fun, heaviness goes away and your positive energy becomes contagious. You'll then achieve your goals easier then ever and enjoy the process too.

Join our Tribe and receive guidance and nspiring tips  on living a blissful life.

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Be CLEAR and INTENTIONAL with your vision and then detach to the HOW.

When our ego is attached to HOW things happen, it creates resistance which the Blocks vision to come to life.

Have a vision of what youre intending and let go of HOW it happens....It could happen in a much more magical way than you think.