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The Solar Plexus and Grounding Week.

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23 - 27 March 2020
The Solar Plexus activation and Ground Week 

Deals with Radiating your power in the world; Reception; Filtration; Water,

Urinary System; Digestive System; Light energy In; “Energy Filter”.

This chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral functions:

  • Expression of will.

  • Intellectual abilities.

  • The “accounting mind” that categorizes everything, assesses the pluses and minuses in life

  • Personal power.

  • Ability to establish ideas and plans into reality.

  • At higher levels, it conveys wisdom.

The main function of this energy center is to provide actual momentum to move forward and

realize personal desires and intentions in the world. It plays a fundamental role in the development

of personal power. It feeds one’s direction in life and the actions taken in order to reach your goals.

It influences preoccupations about social status and self-image.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with reception and filtration of light energy in the into the body. 

Its connected to the urinary system. The urinary system has a mechanism  for removing unwanted light

energy from the body via water. The intricacies and depth of the human urinary system are not really

understood at this time. however this system is quite fascinating. Think about the colour of urine.

When you are healthy, it is bright and very close to clear. When you're sick its dark yellow. Your urine

can tell you a lot  about the type of information into and out of your body.. Is it toxic? How toxic is it?

How much is your is your body working to expel it? There's a whole science of urine reading ...In fact,

urine can reveal more about your body's internal health than blood.

There's a lot of unwanted energy floating around around in the collective reality . As light workers,

we have come to assists with grounding  higher vibrational  energy into this reality. That's why it's

absolutely essential that you develop resonance with this 7th chakra. The best way to cleanse and

purify this chakra is by drinking water. The more purified, energised, and harmonised water you can drink,

the better. Keep your urinary system busy and your energy field energy field  clean by ingesting water.


Working with appropriate  crystals such as Citrine , calcite, golden beryl, yellow tourmaline  and yellow calcite helps.

As does visualising clear glowing yellow light in your solar plexus and a yellow bubble ofaround your body and affirming: 

I receive the light of the macroverse, by cleansing and purifying my solar plexus chakra with yellow light energy.


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Wisdom Power - Represented by the disciple, James.

The 12 Powers of man - Scripture symbology calls the heads of departments in man's consciousness

the twelve apostles. ach of these twelve department heads has control of a certain function in soul or body.

Each of these heads works through an aggregation of cells that physiology calls a "ganglionic center."

Jesus, the I AM or central entity, has His throne in the top head, where phrenology locates spirituality.

This is the mountain where He so often went to pray. The following outline gives a list of the Twelve,

the faculties that they represent, and the nerve centers at which they preside:​



Christianity under The 12 Powers of man this energy center is known as Wisdom Power — 

The ability to evaluate, discern, apply what you know.

Represented by the disciple, James, son of Zebedee.

The corresponding color is yellow and the location is the pit of the stomach.

Location: In the solar plexus area (upper part of the belly, where your diaphragm rests);

As we follow Jesus in developing our God-given potential, we, too, must learn to

“judge with right judgment” and to turn to the inner spiritual knowing. We cannot afford

to allow ourselves to be caught up in judging according to appearances, making decisions

based simply on intellectual knowledge, or accepting limiting concepts constantly presented to us

by the worldly viewpoint.

The center that is associated with the faculty of wisdom is located in the pit of the stomach and is closely

allied with the solar plexus, the area behind the heart and stomach which is sometimes 

referred to as the “body brain.” Unloving, critical thoughts react particularly on the wisdom center 

at the pit of the stomach and may result in such ailments as ulcers, indigestion or other difficulties

of the stomach area and heart.


On the other hand, when we learn to exercise the faculty of judgment in the inner illumination by Spirit,

we will automatically be expressing a greater degree of physical health.

While it is important to remember that we are to develop all the Twelve Powers, there are certain powers

which are most closely allied with the Christ in your development. One of these is the faculty of wisdom or

judgment, represented by James, the son of Zebedee.

The three disciples who were with Jesus on particularly significant occasions in his life were Peter,

representing faith, and the brothers James and John, standing for wisdom and love. Faith, wisdom and

love must be brought into everything you do. Wisdom without love is cold. But love without wisdom is

misguided and impetuous.

Wisdom, the highest form of spiritual knowing, includes divine judgment,

discrimination, intuition and

other activities of mind that come under the heading of pure knowing.

Wisdom is not dependent on reasoning,

intellectual understanding or deduction. It simply shines as the light

from within that

illumines the way and reveals whatever needs to be shown at a particular time.


Our purpose in developing this faculty is to let the light of Spirit shine through us,

directing all our thoughts, words, actions and motivations.

Wisdom must also be employed in directing the activities and

unfoldment of the other 11 qualities.




Chakras.info - Lizzy

The Water Code - Rainey Marie Highley.

12 Powers of Man - Charse Filmore (unity.org)



A free live online Zoom class @Thetoolbox: Grounding and Solar Plexus Qigong.


 15 minutes Solar plexus meditation.

Prep for Solar Plexus meditation or Sun bathing meditation.


Meditation time:

15 minutes.  Before you start, put on your sunscreen, wear a hat or shades. I advise that you do this practise in the morning while the sun isn’t harsh on your skin.

Incorporate the colour yellow.

Lay on the ground facing up. 

Breath in deeply and when breathing out make a shuuuu sound. This sound focuses on healing your kidney as this chakra focuses on our urinary and digestive system.

 I receive the light of the Macroverse. By cleansing and purifying my solar plexus chakra with yellow light energy. I Am Receptive. I AM aware that the Christ of God is quickened in me. I have mountain-moving faith in God. I AM strong in the Lord. I AM grateful!

Today you’ll focus on absorbing Gods radiance of the sun to your Solar plexus. Imagine that you are creating a ball of yellow sun energy on your Solar Plexus or Wisdom Power (below the ribs and jut above your navel)  allow this ball of energy to charge up for a few breaths.  As you breath in the ball of yellow sun energy it grows bigger and bigger meaning that your Power is being recharged, allowing yourself to trust the Power of God by leaning, trusting and surrendering to the Creator were there’s Omnipresent with Infinite Power.



Energising Water in the sun to activate the Solar plexus and then immersing your body in it video.

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