The Magic Hour at The Tool box

An introduction to Qigong Workshop

You’ll receive an email each week on with a link to a video inside our Video Class. Each email related to the lesson of the week. 

Week 1: Feeling your Qi, activating your Qi and Connecting with your Qi.

You will learn: 

•    How important breath work is in Qigong
•    The importance of posture awareness.
•     Meridian points in your body and how they work.
•    How to activate meridian points so that your Qi flows throughout your           body. 

Week 2: Let it Flow!

    •   This week is all about awareness. You will be guided to pay particular               attention to any shifts you feel in your body, mind, and emotions as                 you practice. 
    •    This may be subtle at first. You may not feel anything… Or you may                feel a relaxed sense of energy flowing through your body.
    •     Let it flow. Release ideas of doing it right or wrong and trust the                      infinite wisdom of your body.  

Week 3: Journey Inward and Tune in.

         This week we'll focus more on the meditation aspect of Qigong by                   doing slower movements “tuning in” to the deepest parts of you that               never change. In other words: your essence. Your life-force energy.

Week 4: Owning Your Qi.

         Now that you’re a Qigong Master this week, we going to practice 5                   elements Qigong. This practice is slightly advanced to what we've been           practicing in the previous weeks.

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