Today my life is very different 

I live an Authentic blissful life I learned as a child. I Learned to fall madly in love with myself through Mirror work. 

I discovered after years of punishing myself to:

  • Reprogram my negative self dialogues to a more kind and loving dialog.

  • Run my dream companies.

  • Heal my body.

  • Heal my inner-child by continually connecting with her.

  • Created a new reality by exploring new ideas and transforming my personality... "Your personality creates your personal reality, your personality is based on how you think, how you act and how you feel. Change anyone of those things , you’ll change your life forever.


Through Mirror work I Discovered Authenticity and my Purpose...

My coaching programs are based on the belief that when you are clear about what you want, and you use your intuition to take soul-inspired action your dreams can quickly materialise. Water is a mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint of our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought.   And when you combine this with transformative "inner work" you can create a life filled with:

Abundance. Success. Love. Joy & Meaning


When people say your childhood holds the key to your life purpose I believe them.

I grew up in a born again christian household where prayer, connecting with God; reading his Word and meditate on it were the norm. And, after immersing myself in spirituality at a young age I discovered the power of manifestation and the Power of the tongue. My parents especially my Pops affirmed me on how I can be anything I choose to be and how unlimited my world is. As a 7 year old all I wanted to do was spread the message with anyone who'd listen.  With my happy energy I loved sharing my knowledge and watching those close to me manifest amazing things. I watched my parents manifest their dream house and buy their first car brand new car...I was really living in heaven. 

And then,Things took a Turn.


As our territory enlarged this came with a few changes.  At 8 I changed schools and we also had extended family staying with us. Living with my aunts kids was one my Pops dreams as his sister transitioned and all her kids were spread out all over the country and all he wanted to do was have them all living under the same roof.  In the same year in my new school a teacher physically abused me and my male cousin did the same.This led me to being experimental with a variety of ways of committing suicide. After a few failed attempts, I finally used string of skroplapas (cleaning cloths) to create rope to hang myself and just when I was about to kick the bucket, my mom walked in.


I reported both the incidents to my parents and principal "telling the truth" and in both incidents no changes were at home or at school. So,I found myself back in the same environment only this time it got worse because I snitched.

Now to an eight year old mind my conclusion was: 

"Telling the truth makes everything worse."  

"Expressing yourself gets you in trouble."

"The best thing to do is protect myself since the people I thought will protect me couldn't or didn't."

"I and my words are not enough."

So, these were my fundamental affirmations from eight years old to my adult life and of course I added to the list as I grew up.  

Being authentic was never my reality, I always had to wear a mask as I was a compulsive liar. The problem wasn't lying to everybody else...The problem was lying to myself. I had lied to myself so much that I couldn't face myself, I couldn't bring myself to trust my own reflection. I hated mirrors, to me their honesty was brutal!  


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